New Love’s Tire Service Rip-off Update

When I was at the Tifton, GA Love’s Tire Shop getting the valve stems replaced, as explained in the blog post:  Love’s Tire Service Rip-off, one of the techs told me that I had balancing beads AND wheel weights on/in my tires.  This was a surprise to me since when I bought the tires new I had the beads introduced rather than weights and you’re not supposed to use both.  I never had a reason to check.  Anyway, he told me that he removed the beads so I would just have the weights.
Fast forward to now, several weeks later, when I’m at home getting new drive tires.  Ever since Love’s removed the beads from the steer tires there has been a vibration, so I thought I’d have them rebalanced.  After explaining to the service writer what had happened, he suggested that I just introduce new beads, since I like them, and remove the weights.  After a while, the tech from the shop came to get me to come take a look.  He found that Loves Tire Service had only removed beads from one of the tires!!  There’s where the vibration is coming from; out of balance!!

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