Love’s Tire Service Rip-off

Had new tire stems installed on steer tires due to leaking air when I removed the caps.  Went to Love’s in Tifton, GA to have the work done.  After that I went 3 miles to the Country Inn at Tifton,
GA. for the weekend and checked in Friday afternoon.  Sunday morning I went to the truck for something and noticed one of the tires was almost flat. I found that they had broke the valve stem sometime during the install and it was leaking air very slowly.


What can I do?  It’s too low to drive so I had to call Love’s about sending the service truck.  The girl at their call center didn’t think I should be charged for the service call and talked it over with the Manager who said that they had to charge me but I could go through a refund process.  I understand the rules so I didn’t have a problem with that and paid for the service call.


The service tech who showed up didn’t think I should be charged either but was there when the conversation happened at the shop.  He told me that he wasn’t going to charge me for his time or the new valve stem; just the truck, which was still $100, in hopes that it would show that he agreed that I shouldn’t be charged for the service call.


When I talked to Christine Jacamo (sp) at Love’s corporate, after I returned her call 3 times and left messages each time and she never called me back, she denied my refund.  At one time she said that the 2 days before I called was a problem.  I drove the truck 3 miles went outside in two days and found the flat.  How’s that a problem?  She also said that she had talked to the manager and the tech who came out and that my story didn’t match with theirs!  What!?  There’s no story!  They broke something installing it, I drove 3 miles, flat tire.  


I’m not going to miss $100; but it just isn’t right.  You can’t break something then charge me to fix it.  I have 2 trucks that are Diamond Status almost every month and I get a great fuel discount there, so I’m not going to stop using Love’s for fuel.  BUT for ripping me off $100, they’ll lose a lot more than that since my current 2 and future trucks won’t be using their tire shop or service trucks again.img_0180

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